Based on our yearly experience of running a network of over 250 stores we continue
in our tradition of importing diverse commodities from the Middle and Far East.

We have built our own office in Shanghai, where our most profound team of specialists is able to arrage manufacturing of wide range of articles, search for latest most interesting products and watch over the manufacturing, quality control and shipping processes.

Over the years we have built personal relationships with many manufacturers, based mostly around mutual trust, which also projects onto our partners and customers.

Some of our biggest partners even visit the manufacturing facilities with us, or accept invitations to expositions and fairs, so we may discuss requests and wishes there.

Today, in addition to basic commodities presented, we import sports equipment, optical and other medical instruments, eyewear frames and construction accessories.

We always keep up with the latest trends, and so we visit the most important world expositions and fairs. Thanks to this, we are always able to offer the best and most recent items on the market.